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15th October 2012


SHAVED II: Call for submissions

We would like to formally invite local film- and video-makers to submit independent creative content to the second instalment of our screening events, SHAVED II, December 8th, 2012, at the Metro Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

After the success of SHAVED, we have been busy at work preparing part II. Our intent, as was with SHAVED I, is to distill local, independent, and emerging work for presentation at one of Toronto’s oldest and greatest theatre venues, the Metro Theatre. Located near Bloor and Christie, the Metro is the most pristinely grimy venue in the city; a truly hidden gem!

The criteria for entry is simple: the work must be yours, the work must involve participants that are primarily non-union, the work must be between 1 and 15 minutes in length (exceptions will be made, submit it anyways!). Beyond that, anything goes!



Producers that are interested in submitting must do the following:


Send us an e-mail to with

  1. A link to your video on Vimeo or Youtube (if your video is offline for a reason, upload it anyways and password protect it, or figure out a way for us to screen it on-the-go) or send DROPBOX links to (H.264 Quicktime only)
  2. The password to the video (if applicable)
  3. Your full name
  4. Title of the video
  5. Year the work was produced
  6. The running time of your film
  7. A short synopsis of the work
  8. 2 screenshots from the movie (for promotion)

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